Latest Chatty 8 Privacy Policy

Collected Data

By default no user identifying data is collected.

If Cloud Syncing of settings is enabled, your shacknews username, pinned posts, and settings data will be transmitted to our servers and stored.

If Notifications are enabled, your shacknews username and a unique device identifier will be transmitted to our servers and stored so we can send the notifications.

Data may be collected about application feature usage as well as application performance/crash logging.

Data Transmission

Communication with our servers is encrypted via SSL.

Communication with,,, and all other servers is not encrypted. As such, your username and password will be sent to the shacknews servers unencrypted. This is no different than using the website.

Data Privacy

Any data transmitted and stored on our servers will not be sold or intentionally distributed to third parties.


If at any time you do not want your data stored on our servers, simply disable Cloud Sync and/or Notifications and it will be deleted permanently.